I prefer to draw the following subjects:
  • Sapphic women (lesbians, bisexual, pansexual, queer, etc.)
  • Women in general
  • Snarly werewolves (werewolves in general)
  • Non-sexual transformation sequences
  • Dramatic lighting with deep shadows
  • Buff ladies
  • Delicious Food
  • LGBTQIA+ characters
  • Media fandoms I am currently interested in (check my tumblr)
  • Unique animal species
  • My original characters

Because of Canadian laws, I will NEVER draw the following:
  • Any character (including non-human characters) that appears to be under the age of 18 nude or in a sexual situation.
I will not draw the following on personal principle:
  • Hate art (against any gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, an individual, etc.)
  • Art portraying self-harm or suicide
  • Anything involving scatophilia or "water sports"
  • Non-consensual sexual situations (rape, bestiality, etc.) also including dubcon.
  • Sexual situations involving ferals (as in, no physical part of them is anthropomorphic/they look like a normal animal)
  • Any situation I feel is misogynistic or transmisogynistic in nature
If your commission request contains subject matter in the following 2 lists, I highly suggest you seek out another artist who is more aligned with your interests, as you will probably get better results. :)

I prefer not to draw, and WILL charge extra if asked to draw the following:
  • Extremely detailed mechanical objects, armour or costumes
  • Characters with complicated designs
  • Excessive gore
  • Some fetish material, but in particular:
    • Hard vore (soft is a-okay) and unbirthing
    • Hyper or unrealistic body proportions, particularly, large breasted women
    • Foot or paw
    • Hermaphrodite characters
    • Plushophilia
    • Humiliation/degradation
  • Any other material that I find I am uncomfortable drawing
I prefer not to draw, but will NOT charge extra if asked to draw the following:
  • Explicit gore (mild gore and candy gore are a-okay)
  • Body horror
  • Cisgender heterosexual sexual acts
  • Political cartoons
  • Any other material that I find I am uncomfortable drawing

There is an additional cost for shipping originals or prints (except at conventions, where shipping fees are waived). All pieces are shipped using Canada Post (other arrangements may be made if youd like a more insured method). Shipping cost depends on the size of the art and destination. Add $6 for tracking. Please refer to the following chart for prices:

<5x9 5x9 5.5x9
Canada $2 $3 $5 Price
USA $3 $5 $7
International $4 $6 $9

Again, I am not responsible for items lost in the mail.

Don't want the hassle (and possible awkward questions) of getting prints done? Well prints of your digital commission are available directly from me! All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Shipping is not included.

$2 for a Matte or Glossy 4" x 6" print
$4 for a Matte 8.5" x 11" print
$6 for a Glossy 8.5" x 11" print

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These prices are for personal non-commercial commissions. Please contact me here for my policies regarding commercial art. I retain all rights and copyright to my commissioned work and if it is used for profit without my consent, I will take legal action against you for compensation.

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Slots Schedule Queue

Turn-Around Time:
<1 Week 1-2 Weeks 1-4 Weeks 1-6 Weeks 2-10+ Weeks
<$20 $20-$50 $50-$100 $100-$175 >$175

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Proudly made in Canada.

The cost of shipping is not included in the prices on this page.

Click tabs to view different types of commissions:
Includes 1 full-body character & a basic/abstract background.

Full-body Waist-up or landscape without characters Portrait
Price: listed price 80% of full-body price 50% of full-body price
Includes: character head to toe hips and up or hips and down head and shoulders, no hands/paws

Each additional character is +50% of the base price.

High detail backgrounds are +60% of the base price.


Sketch (Digital or Traditional)

Pencil (traditional) or Photoshop (digital).

Digital Doodles

Photoshop. Imitation watercolour in a simple style.

Digital Coloured Sketch


Traditional Watercolour Sketch

Pencil and watercolour.


Inks (Digital or Traditional)

Cleaned up lineart, can include under-sketch or omit it. Coloured pencil and pen (traditional) or Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai (digital).

Inks & Flat Colour

Digital Inks & Flat Colour
Single layer of colouring, no shading. Pen and marker or watercolour (traditional) or Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai (digital).


Traditional Inks & Flat Colour


Inks & Full Colour

Single layer of stylized shading, cel or soft airbrushed; basic colour palette and textures; and single colour lines. Pen and marker, watercolour or gouache (traditional) or Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai (digital).

Digital Inks & Full Colour


Traditional Inks & Full Colour


Inks & Realistic Colour

Realistic and pseudo-realistic shading; full colour palette and realistic textures; and multi-coloured lines. Pen and gouache (traditional) or Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai (digital).

Digital Inks & Realistic Colour


Traditional Inks & Realistic Colour



Amount of detail depends on time, approximate hours listed under examples. Stylized to realistic and pseudo-realistic shading; full colour palette and stylized to realistic textures. Gouache (traditional) or photoshop (digital).

Digital Painting


Traditional Painting

Badges not ordered for pickup at conventions DO NOT come with clips or lanyards.

In addition to the original copy/printing of a badge, all badges come with either a reproduction of the original art, or a second printing of a digital badge, both laminated (except sketch and "meep" badges). Availability at conventions varies.

All badges that don't have a "backside" price listed can be printed double-sided for $5.

Sketch Badge

Comes in a badge holder, instead of being laminated. Available in Traditional only.
+$5 for backside

"Meep" Badge

Text bubble is customizable. Available in Digital and Traditional.
+$12 for backside

Craft Paper Badge

Single colour badges with black and white highlights. Available in Traditional only.

"Cut-Out" Style Badge

Available in Digital and Traditional.
Portrait Waist-Up Full-Body
$45 $55 $70
+ $35 / $45 / $55 for backside

Toony or Chibi Badge

Available in any simple cartoon or chibi anime style. Available in Digital and Traditional.
+$30 for backside

Rectangle Badge

Available in Digital and Traditional.
+$15 for highly detailed background

Cartoon Violence Badge

Originally made for Condition: Wasteland. A sort of toony post-apocalyptic video game badge. Available in Digital only.
+$40 for backside

Propaganda Badge

"Historical-styled" badges made to like old communist propaganda posters. Available in Digital only.

Art Deco Badge

"Historical-styled" badges made to like art deco posters. Available in Digital only.

Art Nouveau Badge

"Historical-styled" badges in an art nouveau style. Available in Digital only.

Animal Crossing Badge

In the style of the Animal Crossing video game series. Choice of background. Available in Digital only.
Model Sheet

Model reference sheet of one character. Choice of full-body views and close-ups (for expressions or accessories). Optional colour palette and info box. Available in Digital only.

Fursuit Style Basic Standard Deluxe
$55 $100 $140 $260
3 full-body T-poses;
front, back & side (no pose substitutions).
Flat colour.
1 full-body pose
+ 2 close-ups / toony poses.
Full colour.
2 full-body poses
+ 3 close-ups / toony poses.
Full colour.
4 full-body poses
+ 4 close-ups / toony poses.
Full colour.

Fursuit style does not have to be of fursuit character, it can just be for regular character
1 full-body pose can be swapped for 2 close ups/toony poses and vice versa (excluding fursuit-style)
+$50 for each additional pose
+$30 for each additional close-up
+Additional costs for shading and complexity

Character Design Pack

Includes the full design process of a character (all concept sketches, colour studies, etc.). I will fully design and revise the character design until you are happy.

(includes a DELUXE MODEL SHEET as specified above)
Feature Style Storyboards

A sequence of events or beats of a story. Beat boards are individual scenes similar to illustrations, while storyboards show individual actions within a scene. Available in Digital and Traditional. Lower rates if more are ordered. Contact for more information.

$30 per beat board, grayscale (minimum of 4 boards)
$15 per storyboard, grayscale (minimum of 8 boards)
$55+ for a leica of your boards (depends on length, contact for more details)

+Additional costs depending on complexity

Comic Page

Available in Digital only. Lower rates if more than one is ordered. Contact for more information.

1 Page 2-5 Pages 6-10 Pages 11+ Pages
$175 each $160 each $145 each $100 each

+Additional costs depending on complexity
Telegram Stickers

Available in Digital only. No minimum order. Flat colour. Must be of same character. Price applies if more stickers of the same character are ordered at a later date (you order 4 initially, 3 for $15 and 1 for $11, you can order 3 more at $11 each later). Additional costs may apply if sticker is overly complex.

First 1-3 Next 4-9 Next 10-19 Any after 20+
$15 each $11 each $9 each $7 each

Faux Animation Cel

A faux animation cel, containing a paper sketch, an inked and painted cel and a gouache background done in my animation style or any animation style of your choice. Available in Traditional only.


+Additional costs depending on complexity of style and background


See my YouTube for more examples. Available in Digital only.

Starting at $200 Price varies depending on subject and complexity. Character designs may be simplified.